One Thousand Gifts (41-80)

I started this last year when I saw a fellow scrapper doing this. While the intent was there, I was not always able to post. That did not mean that there was a lack of anything to be thankful for. We were so blessed last year.

Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience shares her own list of gifts every Monday and encourages other to do the same and share their links to their respective blog posts. I don't get to blog hop much. I'm seriously trying to cut down on online activites. But I still want to post my gifts, if only to give glory to the Almighty.

She (Ann) also provides a monthly gratitude list. I used the January one and it was so helpful to get those gifts jotted down. So often, I think I'm not going to forget but I do. Writing them down allows me to remember. And as I re-read my list, I relive those blessings and become even more thankful. I know God will not tire of hearing my thank-you's and praises. In fact, I don't think I do that often enough. So here I am, revisiting my January list, smiling and gratitude overflows.
41. family day (more like an afternoon really) of prayer when God assured me of His presence in our lives: "Stop worrying about the worst that can happen. Even if it did happen, god will be with you. And you can handle it. Really."(Fr. Jim Martin, S.J.)
42. finishing up my 2010 Project Life album
43. DH and the kids watched the Rose Parade with his siblings and their families - family time to start off the new year is a blessing!
44. a dear friend, who is more like a sister, is getting married!!
45. and she has asked me to be her matron of honor - I feel so honored and treasured!
46. a trip to the grocery store without the kids - sometimes it's refreshing to get away for a while to be alone with my thoughts
47. DH's love for his kids - he took them to the park even after a busy day at work
48. Home spa day my girls prepared for me - brushing my hair, massaging my hands with lotion, rubbing my back. It was relaxing, yes but I am more thankful for that moment with my daughters, bonding, laughing and enjoying each other.
49. DD3: You're so beautiful Mommy! : how can I not be thankful for spontaneous bursts of love speak?
50. Finished 6 weeks of lessons for the kids: whoa! I know!
51.the sharing and the learning at our MoMs group
52. dinner with fabulous ladies - hearts and tummies filled in every possible way
53. connecting with other homeschoolers after a long Christmas break
54. Shorter Christian prayers book
55. DS' 10th birthday
56. SIL & also DS' godmother: for the relationship she cultivates with my son (and my other kids for that matter) - she took him to Speedzone for an afternoon of fun
57. DD3's 4th birthday
58. home-cooked meals for the family
59. special family breakfast at IHOP before Daddy goes to work
60. a sister in community who watches the kids while I go to my dr.appt.
61. praying the rosary and the way it calmed my anger
62. writing workshop for the kids
63. the Little Flowers meeting that I led went well
64. 11th wedding anniversary
65. "My grace is sufficient for you..."
66. Pre-term labor subsided and I was discharged from the hospital
67. feeling DH's love as he serves me while I am on bed rest
68. group hugs
69. kids are easily pleased with simple things - they cherish simple pleasures
70. DD1's thoughtfulness and sweetness
71. delicious cupcakes
72. spur-of-the-moment trip to Coldstone to satisfy a craving for ice cream
73. a slew of brothers and sisters in community who stormed heaven with prayers for my preterm contractions to subside
74. loved ones who are ready to drop everything and anything at a moment's notice to be with us at a time of emergency
75. my parents arrived safely from the Philippines
76. and they're taking care of my kids while I am confined to my bed
77. news of a blessing from heaven for a dear friend
78. kids, esp. the older ones have taken on more responsibilities/chores around the house as I spend my days on bed rest
79. my dr. believes the baby will be fine should I deliver now - such reassuring words
80. being able to sleep in


Mia Castrillo | Thursday, February 03, 2011 5:51:00 PM

Dearest Joy, It always a "joy" (pun intended) to read your blog and learn from all your experiences. You are a gem! God bless you always! Keep on inspiring me and the other moms reading your blog. :-)


Anonymous | Friday, February 04, 2011 6:01:00 PM

You have a wonderful family. No wonder you feel so blessed. :) Congrats on baby no.5(?). Take care.