I've Got a Tween!

DS: Mom, do people who get older need more sleep?
Me: Well, not really. I think those who go through growth spurts do need a lot more sleep.
DS: Like teenagers?
Me: uh-huh
DS: Well, I can feel it already, like I'm sleepy a lot of the time. Maybe I'm going through a growth spurt!

He celebrated his 10th birthday yesterday. And he officially labeled himself a "tween." According to him, a tween is that age between the single digits and thirteen. So, yes, he is now a tween.

I had to chuckle after our conversation above. He is so excited to not be a kid anymore, so looking forward to becoming a teen. LOL! As we would say in Tagalog, "feel na feel nya!" He started wondering already if he needed to put on some Old Spice. Before long, he will be asking about acne products and other facial skin care products.

DH had work in the evening so we celebrated his birthday at lunch instead. Upon his request, we ate at Black Angus Steakhouse. No more pizza or spaghetti or fried chicken for this guy. He prefers man-steak instead!

At the lunch table, we did our traditional honoring of the birthday celebrant. Here's what each one had to say...

Dad: He is very responsible. He does many of his chores without needing to be told again and again. He even does them without prompting. He is also becoming more patient, able to control his anger better. He is almost like the second dad or man in the house when I am not around.
Mom: He is a huge help to me at home. He helps me with a lot of the heavy lifting that needs to be done. When we were putting away the Christmas decors, he was the one who put away the boxes in storage. I can depend on him to help me with various chores around the house.
DD1: He is a good kuya and he helps us "ligpit"(clean up)
DD2: I like kuya because he helps us when we play Mario Kart.
DD3: I love kuya.