Moving Past Being a Frustrated Writer

I realized that teaching writing to my kids requires skills that I do not have. I do not remember how it was taught to me. And I have a hard time putting into words how I write creatively. I know I am not the best writer but when I put my heart and mind to it, I can put together a pretty good piece.

Last month, DS needed to submit a written essay as a requirement for our charter school. There was no pressure to submit an excellent essay. It was mostly for diagnostic purposes. Still, I felt the pressure to push DS to write a good piece. It was a difficult process for us. I knew what good writing was but could not explain it. He was getting frustrated and so was I. With our brows furrowed and forehead wrinkled, we were getting nowhere. Finally, I let it go and let him write whatever he thought of. I only proofread.

At the start of this semester, our charter school emailed us about the writing extravaganza/workshop that they were putting up. I was excited to go, except that it was going to be in Temecula which is about an hour away. I did not want to drive that far. Plus, because of limited seating and the activity, they could not accommodate little ones.

Thank goodness for DH! We were able to go to the workshop this morning. It was awesome. The kids and I came away from the activity with ideas and enthusiasm for writing. I am so glad that we were able to go. I now feel more empowered as the teacher. I learned some techniques on how to help the kids develop their writing. What was also comforting in a way was to realize that other parents were having the same struggles as I was. I was not the only "dumb" homeschooling parent there who did not know how to help their child/ren.

I am truly thankful for this day! Thank you God for the blessing.