DD1 is truly one sweet girl. Last week, when I was on my way to the grocery store, she asked if she could come with me. DH was home then so I was really looking forward to some "me" time at the store. Yes, it may sound weird but "me" time is rare these days and I will try to get them whenever I can. :) That day, however, DD1 whispered gently and said, "I want to go because I want to buy something for Kuya and {DD3} for their birthdays." Now, how can I resist such a request? So, off to the store we went. As we were at the candy aisle (that was all she could afford after all), she thoughtfully looked at the rows of candy thinking of the perfect one to get her siblings. I tried to help by pointing out what was on sale. It's never soon enough to teach them to look for bargains after all. She squealed with delight when she saw the Sour gummi worms. "Kuya likes that! He likes sour things!" Plus it was on sale! Woohoo! She then picked out a Mr. Goodbar candy bar for DD3.
I am so touched to see the love she has for her siblings. And I love that she has discovered that giving is just as much as fun as receiving!