Car Options

With a new baby coming, we won't fit into our current vehicle anymore. Well, technically, our family will fit. Except that my parents live with us. That means that there are times when we all go out together - like when we go to church or eat out. Our vehicle currently seats 8 but we will soon be a household of 9.

DH and I discussed this "dilemma" and one option would be to get a vehicle that seats 9. Honestly, I do not think this is the best option. Our current vehicle is well-maintained and runs efficiently. It is however, over 6 years old. If we sell it, I don't think we will get a good price for it. And then there's insurance. Even with the cheapest car insurance, we will be paying a whole lot more than we are paying right now because bigger cars cost more! Besides I really do not feel like hauling a huge vehicle around for our everyday commute.

What to do?

Another option would be to ask my Dad to get his driver's license. Even if we have to buy a car for him and my mom, it would be much much cheaper than option 1. Our insurance premium will definitely increase because of the additional vehicle but the increase won't be as much as if we get the bigger vehicle. This looks to be the more reasonable option. We're just now crossing our fingers that my dad gets his driver's license soon.


Gabi | Saturday, February 05, 2011 7:58:00 PM

I think you should buy a mini school bus :) Just kidding. Hope you will solve this problem soon.
Hope you are doing well, Joy!! Miss you! xoxo