11 Years

11 years ago, I walked down the aisle to be joined forever in holy matrimony with DH.
11 years ago, I had no idea the journey we were about to take.
11 years ago, DH and I were in our early 20's, bright-eyed, in love and ready to face the world of married life.
11 years ago, I left my family in Manila to join DH here in the US.
11 years ago, I was excited and anxious, happy yet sad.

Now, I continue to be excited and anxious about our future; happy about our triumphs and saddened by mistakes we've made.
Now, my parents who I left in Manila live with us.
Now, DH and I are much older, not as dewy as when we first started. Instead we are stronger because of what we've been through and ready to face the rest of our years as husband and wife.
Now, we have an idea of what this journey entails and we choose to take it on nevertheless. If someone had given us the power to click here and change our destiny, I doubt that we would take it. This is where we are because this is where God wants us to be.
Now, I walk with my husband as we lead our children to the future, a future that God has planned for us, a future full of hope and joy.