The Dress!

The dress is here!!!

Well, technically, the dress is with T and not yet with me. This is the dress I will be wearing as matron of honor. You like?

Agh! It's frightening to think that in a little over a month I will be squeezing myself into that dress. I've been exercising and trying to slim down but I can't cut back too much on my calories because when I do, my milk supply goes down. My love for Baby far outweighs my vanity. And that has kept me away from drastic measures, be it safe slimming pills or crash diets.

I've been trying to eat more healthily and exercising regularly. The pounds and inches are slowly melting off. It is a slow process though, much slower than I would like. I console myself that with this process, I'm creating a healthier lifestyle and so I will hopefully keep off the weight for years to come.

T tried on the dress and has told me that it is beautiful. It made her look slimmer. I'm hoping it will look good on me too! We're going to have sleeves put in because I am worried that the dress will not hold up later in the day when my breasts fill up with milk. I don't want to have a wardrobe malfunction!

I'm both excited and anxious to try on the dress. Keeping my fingers crossed!