Another Roadtrip!

We went for another road trip up north this weekend. It was a much shorter trip - just the weekend. There was no accidents or major mishaps. Thank goodness. We had a roadside assistance plan with AAA at any rate so we were covered. I was praying hard for DH because he was driving on just several hours of sleep. I thank the Lord that He protected us and kept us safe throughout the weekend.

We went up to Carmel to attend a dear friend's wedding. As our usual routine, we left the house very early in the morning. I think we left at around 2 am this time. The whole crew except Daddy was asleep. We only had 1 stop to feed Baby. We arrived at Carmel at around 8 am. We went to Denny's for breakfast before heading to my SIL's hotel room to change into our wedding attire. From there, we went to the church.

It was a beautiful (and chilly) day. The couple had requested that all the guests wear white and khakis. It was beautiful to look at the sea of white in church. the bride was gorgeous. I loved her dress! It was simple yet super elegant and classy. Loved it!

We could not stay for the reception, unfortunately.

We made our way to Turlock to stay with friends, the same friends we stayed with during our last roadtrip to Yosemite. I love that the kids are building relationships with each other. It's certainly nice to rekindle old friendships too.

The kids swam and swam and swam. They just had a blast with each other. This trip may have been short but it was certainly filled with laughter and food and stories. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing them again.