Cleaning up my Inbox

Do you remember way back when there were not very efficient spam filters? I was still using hotmail then and I would get all sorts of spam! Soo annoying. Then I moved to gmail. It was heavenly how they filtered out the spam from legit mail. I did not have to be bombarded by annoying sales reps for all these rock bottom sensual products or replica watches. Ugh!
I was killing time yesterday and decided to look at the spam folder. LOL! Yeah, I was procrastinating! I found it funny how many spam emails were there! Seriously, do these even work on people? I suppose they still do huh? Otherwise, why would companies be sending out these emails? If you're an Energy speaker dealer for example, does sending out mass emails even generate any sales at all? I know that most of these spam are probably sent out by robots but why continue to flood the web with useless emails?
I know it's a question that has no answers.
Well, that's what I get for treading into my spam folder.