Dreaming of Weddings

A good friend got engaged a few days ago and she asked me to be her matron of honor. Of course, I accepted. I am thrilled to be helping her in this journey and in her preparations! I am flattered and honored that she thought of me. I consider her like a sister. We have been told a few times that we have similar features. One time, someone thought we were actually sisters. :) She is also the godmother of DD1. There have been times when she took her out for a "ninang date" and people mistook DD1 for her daughter.

Anyway, her engagement got my head filled with wedding thoughts. I've been browsing again and again some of my favorite wedding photographer blogs. All the gorgeous pics make me want to get married again just so I'd have the chance to be photographed by these amazing photographers. As if I'd be able to afford them, right?! LOL! One thing I noticed among these photographers is that most of them use Canon cameras, particularly the markII 5d. Apparently, this is the rockstar of professional cameras! I am a Nikon girl myself and am content with my lowly nikon d40x - for now. I want to eventually upgrade my camera body but that will happen in the far future yet.

I am truly excited for my good friend. I have had to consciously pry myself away from the computer because I was just spending too much late nights looking through blogs. Sigh... love is in the air!