Soaring Insurance Rates

It was all over the local news last night that Blue Shield of California was increasing their rates by about 50%, if I remember correctly. I don't know if it matters what type of plan you have, whether Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage, premiums will go up! This is very unfortunate for people who are already having a hard time keeping up with payments in this economy.
Personally, we are with Kaiser and I feel so blessed to have DH working with the company. This has afforded us practically free healthcare with low co-payments and even discounts at the pharmacy. I think this is one of the major factors why we can afford to have a growing family that is now larger than the average. God does know best and He always provides!
Even now that DH is doing his PA fellowship, he continues to work at Kaiser part-time because he wants to stay at Kaiser in the long haul. The benefits really cannot be beat!
I pray that true healthcare reform will afford everyone adequate medical care that will still respect the individual's choices and rights. Do you think it's possible?