My Seal of Approval

You know how products are given seals of approval by say... Good Housekeeping? Or how beauty mags like Glamour take their top picks from beauty products?

Well, I'd like to give my own seal of approval to these 3 products! Not that it matters really but if you're reading this, you might want to try them based on a good review from a real mom. :)

1. Kid's cones from Joy cone co.
These small cones are the perfect size!!! My kids love eating their ice cream on cones. Who doesn't? However, it just gets too messy that we almost always end up putting them in a cup. These small cones are perfect. It's small enough that the kids are able to lick up all the ice cream before dripping all over. Personally, I also love it for portion control. I can give them 2 cones and they're ecstatic! And for myself, I can get 1 and have my ice cream fix without getting too guilty. Haha.

2. Tart Mango yogurt blend from Dreyers
I'm usually not a big fan of frozen yogurt but this one I like! It's a yummy blend of sweet and tart. It is soooo good. The texture is creamy and fluffy...yummmm. Just thinking about it makes me wanna get some from my freezer right now!

Lest you think that food is all we love in this household and that it might be time for me to go looking through lipofuze reviews and other fat burners (which would not be a bad idea but that's a different post altogether!), I present to you my last favorite product...

3. Nexcare Tattoo Waterproof Bandages
When I first saw this, I was quite hesitant to buy them because they were labeled "tattoo". I'm really not that eager to walk my kids into the tattoo path this early on. But these bandages were on sale plus I had some coupons off for them so I bought them. Now I will not use anything else on my kids. They stick like none I've ever seen before. No matter how many baths and showers and hand washing, they stay stuck until you or your little person decide it's time to take them off. I love them. My kids love them. I just wish that my local store carries other designs aside from the princess line.

There you have it. My first installment of this mom's seal of approval!