Infomercial King

I was so surprised to see a photo of the funeral of Billie Mays in the paper last week. I didn't even know he died. I'm not like a fan or anything but if you live here in the US, there was no escaping Billie Mays' big presence on late-night TV. Even if you did not know his name, you would definitely know him by the products he sold. He's that guy with the big voice endorsing Oxi-Clean. I'm sure he sold other stuff too but they escape me right now. He was pretty convincing too. I bet that he could have sold heart jewelry if he wanted to! I wonder how many products he was able to sell through all those infomercials. I'm tellin' ya - those late night infomercials are dangerous. LOL! They get you to buy stuff you won't necessarily buy in normal circumstances.