A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Wedding

So, we were at Vegas over the weekend to attend BIL's wedding...

On our way there, we suffered a major flat tire! Thank God we did not get into an accident as we were in the freeway when it happened. DH and I heard a sound - can't really explain it but I certainly wondered what it was. It did not seem like we hit anything. I figured it might have been the car next to us. Several seconds later, DH tells me that we might have a flight tire as he felt the car start swerving. The sensor then started to light up and sound. We pulled to the shoulder and sure enough we had a major flat tire - as in it was FLAT!

Anyway, we got to the hotel safely. We were just 10 minutes away when we had to pull over. Everyone except SIL took a nap. We got up at around 4:30 to start getting ready for the wedding. Our goal was to leave at about 5:45. That would give us ample time to get to the wedding chapel before 6:30. As we were loading up the kids into the car, MIL received a call from BIL asking where we were. She assured him that we were about to leave. Then he says, "But the ceremony starts at 6!"

We were all surprised! He did not inform us that the ceremony was going to start at 6. In fact, SIL thought it was not until 7:30. DH said that he spoke to BIL the day before and BIL said it would start at 6:30 which BIL now denies having said. There was some he said, she said drama.

Anyway, we told BIL that we were going to try to get to the chapel as soon as we could. Then as if fate really wanted us to miss the ceremony, there was an accident right by the exit we were to take. So of course, this caused further delay. We arrived at the chapel and they were already taking pictures. Emotions were high but at least we got to take a family picture before we were asked to leave the chapel. Yes, we were asked to leave the chapel by the official photographer so that it would be easier to take photos. Geesh!

Reception followed at the Red Rock Casino. It was our first time to go there. I think it's a new casino. Another odd thing was that we were asked to eat ahead. It was already 8 pm and the couple had not arrived yet. We were told that the kitchen closes at 9 pm. So, we got our food. the couple arrived at around 8:45. Apparently, their limo took them to their hotel first before taking them to the reception site. Dunno why. Did not bother to ask anymore.

To say that our family was disappointed at the turn of events of the evening would be an understatement. MIL was particularly emotional of course. This was her youngest, her baby. It was not just a physically tiring day but emotionally draining too. The kids' presence helped stave off the tears as they distracted her. I knew, however, that she was just about ready to break down.

After the reception, we passed by Fremont street to watch the Fremont street experience. It was not a very good show that we caught but we really had no more energy to stay for another hour to see the next one. When we got back to our hotel, we just performed our quick and simple night skin care regimen and went straight to bed. No more bed time stories for the kids. No more small talk for the adults. Everyone just wanted to get the day over with.

So that was our weekend. How was yours?