Lakers love

We are Lakers lovers. And yes, it's been a frustrating post-season in that they're not performing as consistently as they have in the regular season.

After Monday's loss to Denver, one of the analysts (I forget who) mentioned that maybe the Lakers do not have the killer instinct after all. We've been waiting for them to unleash them but what if they never had it in the first place.

I don't know the answer to that. All I know is that I believe in my Lakers. They are capable of winning the championship. And I believe in my Kobe. Yes, LeBron may be the MVP this year but Kobe is showing that he is still the best NBA player right now. LeBron and the Cavs still have a ways to go as evidenced by their poor showing against the Magic. I was really pulling for them especially last night but I think there is a very slim chance that they will pull off 3 straight wins. They even barely won that Game 2.

Anyway, DH is on the lookout for game tickets for the finals, assuming that the Lakers get there of course. But we believe!!! He actually found a broker (who could be selling New York Yankees tickets too) who is friends with a co-worker and offered him tickets to the LA-Houston Game 7. DH declined. If it were the finals, he would have been more inclined to purchase them. If ever, they would be his birthday present to himself. Wonder if he would take DS or me - LOL, have not asked him yet.

Lakers are playing at Staples Center tonight so our TV sets will definitely be tuned in to the games. Crossing my fingers that the Lakers show 'em Laker haters that they do have the killer instinct, that they're hungry for that championship!