Learning to color *outside* the lines

That's where I am right now. I want to learn to color outside the lines. I want to break free from my fear of making mistakes. I often feel that I am hindered by this fear - that I am hesitant to try new things, explore new adventures, step out into the unknown because I am afraid to fail, afraid I'd look like a fool.

Perhaps it is my personality? Perhaps it was the way I was raised? Perhaps because I am the eldest child? I really do not need to know how or where this fear came from. It is most probably from a mix of factors. All I know is that I want to overcome this and more importantly, I want to spare my children from this fear.

I am the type of person who sticks by the rules. I prefer to blend in rather than stand out. If I could test run everything new I get into, I would to make sure I don't make a mistake. But I'm learning that I am locking myself in a box unnecessarily. The lines I've surrounded myself in? Well, my world does not end when I step out of them. Or when I let my kids step out of them. Who says we can't wear mismatched funny t-shirts and outfits? Who says we can't sing when we're out of tune? Who says we need to dance using the "right" steps?

As I watch my children color the grass pink, the girl's hair purple, with their crayon markings all over the page, I have to smile and whisper to myself, "I can learn to see the world with their eyes too. Soon, I will learn to color outside the lines too."


Tylertopia | Friday, October 24, 2008 11:26:00 AM

Such a great post!! What a wonderful reminder to step out of the comfort zone and have an adventure every now and then...I hope you will continue to feel confident to color outside the lines, and stomp out the fear every step you take! :o)