Pig Races

So we were at Peltzer Farms last Sunday for the Pack family day out of DS. There were several attractions - the corn maze, pumpkin patch, petting farm, train ride around the maze... but the most unique I think is the pig race! LOL! It's really just a short lap but once the gate opens, the pigs run out and swoosh, they're gone! My girls enjoyed watching them. Of course, they had favorites. In this lap, DS picked the one with the green shirt to win and it did. After their race, the winning pigs came back out as if on a victory lap. BTW, I heard that they trained the pigs to run out like that using Oreo cookies. They know good cookies, don't they?! LOL!

Watching the pigs got DD2 thinking about where they lived. She asked where the pigs stayed and slept and ate. I wonder if she was imagining them to be sleeping on pet beds and eating from bowls. When I told her that they probably slept in muddy pens. She wrinkled up her nose and exclaimed, "Ewww." I guess she's not going to ask for a pet pig anytime. Whew!