Another Busy Weekend

It's nice having a busy weekend in that we got a lot of family time. What parent does not enjoy seeing their kids just enjoying themselves? Plus, how can your heart not melt when your daughter says, "I like spending time with you, Mom."

All together now .... awwww...


The major downside of being out practically the whole weekend though is that chores pile up, particularly the laundry! I've done several loads already but my laundry hamper seems to be a bottomless pit!! That or all the clothes are spawning. Ugh!

Here are some pics of the weekend.
On Friday afternoon, after we picked up DS from school, we went straight to MIL's to spend time with her on her birthday. It was a simple celebration. Did not stay very late over there because we knew that we were going to be up early the next day, Saturday for DD1's tricycle rodeo. Here she is at the start of her lap. I haven't gotten her official lap count yet but I'm guessing she did about 20 laps perhaps. Though we had to be there by 8:15 am, it was nice because it wasn't as hot as if she were to do her laps later in the morning. Plus, we were able to do the other stuff like pony rides and petting farm before most of the other kids from other classes got there. Laps were done by class and DD1's class was the first one.

Later in the day, we went to church first then we went straight to our friends' place for dinner. We ended up staying till almost midnight. I was in bed almost as soon as we got home. I was soooo tired and sleepy!

I slept in the next morning. By the time I woke up, it was about time to get ready to go to the corn maze with DS' cub scout pack. It was another nice outing with the family. Just a little disappointed that I did not get good pics. I wasn't my self much with my cold and cough. I'm still not fully recovered but slowly getting there.

So that was my was yours?