Love is in the air ...

Whoa! February is here already! and of course, that means Valentine's Day is nearing. Personally, I'm not a big celebrator of Valentine's Day. Never have been. The most memorable Valentine's Day would most probably be that in 1998.
I did not have a BF, was not even dating! But I received a dozen red roses that day, much to my surprise! They came from my now DH. He and I had been friends but he was in the US while I was in the Philippines. So, I was surprised and baffled when he sent flowers. Was he making a move? What were his intentions? I was bent on finding out. We've been friends for too long to have to beat around the bush. One of the things I appreciated about him was that I did not have to second-guess him. We tell it like it is.
So, I asked him, "What were the flowers for? Do you want to court me?" LOL...yeah, I was straightforward.
He answered, "Can't someone send flowers to a friend?"
"Uh-huh...a dozen red roses on Valentine's Day to a friend..."
Was that the gender differences thing again?
Was the significance and meaning of his gesture seriously lost on this man? Apparently so because he insists until now that he really just thought of sending me flowers out of the blue. I tell him though that it was probably his subconscious that prompted him to send me flowers. LOL! Yeah, deep down...even when he did not want to admit it ... he liked me more than a friend! LOL!!!
Ok, enough of the cheesy stuff.
Onto enabling...
ScrapArtist is having a promo sale, "14 ways to adore you" It started on Feb. 1 and will last till the 14th. A designer will debut a product each day and will be on sale for $2 for 24 hours then it goes back to its regular price.
There is also a new collab kit, "Painted Love" with Zoe Pearn. It's full of lovey-dovey goodness!

I was able to scrap too! Woohoo! I used the collab kit of course.
For full credits, you can view them in my gallery.

Oh, and this month I am lucky to be the guest CT member for Janet Philips. She's got some wonderful templates! I bet that you're going to see more scraps from me this month because I'll be using her templates a lot! So, watch out for it, ok?


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