A Banking post

How do you manage your finances? At the start or our marriage, we had one savings account and one checking account - both joint accounts. Then, we opened another joint checking account at Washington Mutual so we could open up our HELOC. Then, I opened another checking account at Wamu for myself for my "business" transactions. So, now, I've got 3 checking accounts. You think that's too much! LOL! It isn't too much of a bother right now really. What I get dizzy trying to keep track of are our bills. See, some are on automatic debit, some are on automatic payment on the AMEX. Some, I need to pay when the bill comes. DH and I got into a small tiff about bill payment because we incurred some finance charges last December because 2 payments were late. I actually told him that if he wants to, I can hand over the responsibility for payment of bills which means balancing the checkbook too, to him. He took it from me - for all of 1 week! LOL! So now, it's back to me. I need to find a system that works for me. I really need to get organized. Any suggestions?