Ciel Chocolatiers

I recently discovered a cool chocolatier nearby through Groupon. It was a deal for 2 boxes of 8 truffles each. A friend was having her birthday right about that time. One box for her. The other for me.

Ciel's chocolatier was luxuriously decadent.

The store is located at an industrial strip of office suites. You'd probably miss the place if you were not really looking for it. The store front gave no clue to the world of chocolates behind its doors. The inside looked more like a jewelry store. Handcrafted chocolates were lined up in glass cases while wall lights gave subdued lighting.

The chocolates themselves were beautifully handcrafted. They were rich yet not sickeningly decadent. I tried the following flavors:
Paris truffle - I love hazelnut and chocolate combo. In fact, Ferrero Rocher is my fave. This was a more gourmet version. Thoroughly enjoyed this.
Champagne truffle - This was good too. It was smooth and slightly sweet.
Cognac truffle - This tasted like a real grown-up chocolate as it was a bittersweet chocolate with cognac. I like dark chocolate but this one seemed too dark for me.
Bricks - This is a hazelnut chocolate brick. Loved this one! So smooth and rich but surprisingly light too.

There is a such a wide selection of  flavors that it will probably take me a lot of visits before I get to try the different flavors. I bought a box of the following flavors for a friend: Madagascar Vanilla. Amaretto, Wine Ganache, Cappuccino, Espresso Caramel, Kahlua Praline Cream, I'll have to ask her which were her faves.

This chocolate shop will definnitely have a repeat customer in me. I am so looking forward to trying our all her other flavors!