And She's Walking!

Yup! She has taken her first steps and boy, are we all excited!

I think that of all 5 kids, she took the longest to walk. My first 2 were walking by their first birthdays.

I think this little girl is spoiled by her siblings. They like carrying her around. She has started to walk but she still prefers to be carried around.

I don't usually like to push my babies into these milestones but I was so ready for her to start walking. I prefer her walking than crawling. It just less dirty! LOL!

We frequent a park/playground that uses sand instead of wood chips which is nice but whenever we go there, Baby seems to swim in the sand. She gets sand everywhere, even in her diaper. She loves it though. She isn't too interested in getting on the equipment yet. I think that once she is walking more, she will want to play on the slide and climb up the steps. She will be more of a handful but I really enjoy this phase.

Go, go, go baby! Mommy's right behind you!