Co-Op Participation

We've been part of our homeschool co-op for 2.5 years now. It has been great. It has provided my children and me friendship and support. We are greatly blessed to be part of this wonderful community of families.

Our classes end on May 17. During the summer break, some families continue to get together. We've met at the outdoor water fountains in the local town center. While the kids play in the water, the moms chitchat in the shade. There have also been picnics and beach days.

As we end this year, I kinda feel burnt out. Going to our weekly classes feel like a chore. I see that my children enjoy going. I do not. It feels like it is just one more thing we need to do. It has become more like a burden. I really need to reassess our priorities for the coming school year. I need to make an honest assessment of our commitments and activities. I need to see which ones contribute to the health of our family life and which ones cause stress to us. For now, participation is our co-op seem to be at the lowest rung of the ladder. I am just tired. It is probably my fault too because I have done most of the work in teaching our preschool class. If I were to come back and teach again next year, it will definitely have to be more of a collaborative work, from conception of the class to execution.

One thing I keep asking myself is the reason we joined co-op. We basically joined co-op so that my children will develop friendships with other homeschooled children. I wanted to surround myself with supportive families. I wanted to gain friends as well. I think we have achieved this goal. My children and I have made friends with wonderful families. I think that right now, I am hoping to develop deeper relationships. If we skip co-op, will the friendships we've made survive? Will my children still have solid Catholic friends outside of the co-op environment? As I pray about it, the Lord seems to remind me not to base any of my decisions on fear. I cannot make decisions based on the fear of "what if?" I need to decide based on love. I love God. I love my family. How do my choices reflect this love? How will my choices affect how I love?

There is a lot to think about. There are a few months to pray about it. I ask the Lord's guidance so that I may make the right decision. I pray that I do His will for our family.