Wedding Date

It was a beautiful Friday night. And we were witnessing 2 beautiful people who had decided to solemnize their love for each other by getting married. It was a fun wedding which really mirrored how this couple lived their lives.

The reception was at a yacht. The marina was beautiful as the sun began to set and our yacht started to sail. The reception area itself was small and tight but it did not feel suffocatingly tight. I think the indoor outdoor ceiling fans helped to circulate the air. It was windy and chilly outside too so I did not mind staying inside the warmer yacht.

I enjoyed myself particularly because it was date night for hubby and me. It was nice not having to think about the kids. It was nice to eat my warm meal without running after the kids. It was definitely a night to enjoy adult company. And how I relished in it!

I love our family life but nights spent with only adults is definitely refreshing. I was able to choose a dress without having to consider whether I could easily breastfeed in it or not. I chose a nice sparkly dress that made me feel oh-so-girly. I donned on my high heels because I knew I did not have to run after kids in them. It was especially nice to spend the evening with my hubby. We talked and laughed and held hands.

It was definitely a beautiful night!