Her ninong gave her an iTouch for her birthday. I could not believe it myself. She was thrilled and surprised, of course! I think her ninong is making up for the times he was not able to give her much.

Her Ate, whose birthday is coming up, is wishing for one too. I told her that it is quite expensive and we will not be able to give it to her.

The kids have come up with an explanation why the ninong was able to afford to give an iTouch. They said that her ninong is married but do not have kids so he is able to spend and dote in his goddaughter all he wants! These kids are so funny!

We now have 3 Facetime capable products here and can actually simulate teleconferencing services using them. Even if it's just for fun, we go to different rooms then facetime each other. LOL. The kids think it is so cool! LOL! Even the baby joins in the fun.

She has the iTouch but she cannot use it on weekdays. Use of it is still very much regulated and limited to the weekends and school holidays. Same rule for TV and all other electronic media apply to it. 


Arlyne Acosta | Wednesday, April 04, 2012 11:14:00 PM

Good for your for regulating the use of electronic media in your home!