Philippines, Here We Come!

My brother is getting married in July in Manila. Naturally, our family will be flying to be there for him. Initially, I was hesitant to promise that our whole family was flying to Manila for the wedding for 2 reasons. First, I was unsure if DH could get off from work. Second, I was unsure if we could afford the plane fare for 8 people during peak summer season. Can you imagine how much our total airfare is going to be? i don't even want to think about it! LOL!

Now, I think it is 99% sure that we will be in Manila in July. We've completed the first step: applying for passports for the kids. The passports have arrived so on to the next steps.  DH's request for leave has not been officially approved yet but is more than likely to be approved. Can we afford the plane fare? We'll make it work. Maybe we could earn off of the kids' antics particularly DD3. LOL! We can plant her on a street corner, put a guitar Odyssey Cases in front of her and then she does her normal comedic ways. We would make a killing!!!

I'm really excited about going home. The kids are looking forward to vacationing there too. Please pray with us that our plans firm up. I have faith that God will provide for our needs.