Earth Hour 2012

Did you participate in this year's earth hour?
Did you even know about earth hour?

This year, on March 31, from 8:30-9:30 pm, people who participated turned off all non-essential lights. This was a common act all over the world to show that we cared for the earth and our future.

This is the first time we participated and the kids loved it. We took out 2 new game boards, huddled in our bedroom and played. We had candles and flashlights`.

By the end of the hour, the kids wanted to know when we could do this again. They absolutely love game night. And doing it in the dark just added an extra oomph to the night.

We will definitely participate in the coming years. I hope a lot more people here in the US become aware of it. It would definitely be cool to see lights in the homes in our street turned off simultaneously.