Spring Recital is Coming Up!

The children are starting to gear up for their spring recital. It is going to be on June 3. They are all working on their piano pieces. They will be playing 2 pieces each. DS is working on learning The Eye of the Tiger while DD2 will be playing Ode to Joy. I forget at the moment what DD2's piece is called but she's been working on it too.

Their music school is not exclusively for piano. They have drums, guitar and even voice. The recitals, then, are a mixture of all these which make them quite interesting. Last December, there was a girl who played the piano while singing on a telefunken microphones. Quite vintage styled. I did not recognize the song but DH did. Well, big surprise there! (not!)

I'm really looking forward to watching the children play again. I think that this is a beautiful chance for them to grow in confidence.