Disney Guest Services

We were the recipients of Disney's awesome guest services recently.

Two Sundays ago, we were at Disneyland celebrating DD3's birthday. As we were walking into Frontierland, DH noticed that DD4 was missing a show. I was carrying her and did not notice it at all. DH handed her over to me among the wooden pergolas in Pixie Hollow and she still had both her shoes then. We traced back our steps but could not find the shoe anywhere.

When we exited Disneyland, we decided to stop by guest services in case the shoe was turned in. Unfortunately, it was not. I filled up a claim form and was told to call within the week to see if the shoe had turned up.

Guess what turned up in our mailbox the following Tuesday? Yep! DD4's other shoe came in mail straight from Disney Guest Services. Now, wouldn't you call that ah-mazing?