To the Carnival We Go

DD2 and DD4 will be having a joint birthday celebration next week. Their birthdays are only a week apart. DD2 wil be 7 years old and DD4 will be 1! How time flies! Can you believe that we are at that first birthday milestone already?! OMG!

We will be having a carnival theme for their birthday. I've been all over Pinterest gathering inspiration and stuff. I'm so excited and so looking forward to putting it all together. A lot of it is going to be DIY. We just cannot afford it buy all these wonderful stuff.

We've hired a face painter and a balloon artist for the party. There will also be a bounce house. I'm renting a popcorn machine too. We will also have a cotton candy maker. All the sweet treats one would normally get at the carnival. My plan is that instead of party games, we will have game booths where kids can go and play for their treats. I won't be giving out goodie bags at the end of the party because the prizes they win at the different game booths will be enough. I'm not sure if we can really pull this off because I will need the help of a lot of the other parents and big kids to man the booths.

One other thing that I am still undecided upon is a DIY photo booth. I saw in a mag that they used just a striped red and white tablecloth as background taped to a wall. They put a stool in front of it and voila! I may do this if I can find someone to take pics. I can either use the pics to give away as personalized keepsakes for the guests to bring home that day or include it in the thank you notes which will be simpler for me.

I feel like there is a lot to do. I'm getting a little stressed. The major things are taken care of but we all know that it's the details that make the party memorable. However, I remind myself too what's important: that my birthday girls are happy.