Speaking with an Accent?

I say MACdonalds. You say MICdonalds.

This has been the discussion between DS and me. He says I say it differently. I say who cares? LOL!

I have found that living here has made me more acceptable of different languages and different accents. Back when I was in school in the Philippines, proper English grammar and pronunciation was drillled into us. I am grateful for that but it also made me sort of a snob. I secretly (or not-so-secretly) giggled when someone pronounce something wrong. I cringed when I heard an error in grammar. I've become more accepting now. I have become exposed to different types of people living here in the US both natural-born and immigrants. Accents abound. California valley girls have accents different from raleigh nc attorneys and it's ok.

I still want to teach my children proper English grammar. As for pronunciation...we will have to consult the dictionary!