Second semester is on!

We're halfway through the school year! Woohoo!

This school year seem to have zipped through quickly. It's midyear and I like to assess where we find ourselves at this time of the year. I want to see where we might need to make changes. Is my home school running smoothly and precisely like Wenger Watches' clockwork? Or are we constantly interrupted, flitting through one thing to the other?

My biggest challenge this school year is this baby in tow. At the end of last school year, she was such a newborn that I could nurse her while I helped the other children with their work. Or I would carry her in our
Ergo and she would sleep through anything. It's a whole different story nowadays. She is much more active and mobile. She likes to be part of the action so I cannot leave her in her swing as I help the girls with their grammar lessons. Or I can't simply nurse her to sleep as I teach the kids their math lessons. She wants to be engaged. She wants my attention. That's the challenge.

I don't have the answers. It's going to be trial and error, see  what will work and what does not. The beauty of this is that we have the luxury of adapting our learning environment to our family's growing needs.