One of the goals that DH wants me to achieve this year is to move more. :) It's a goal for the whole family actually but it is a goal that is really dependent on me.

If we want the children to be more physically active, I have to intentionally include it in our everyday routine. It will not happen on its own. My children lead physically active lives. They are almost always on the move. In fact, I have to remind them often to settle down. However, DH wants them to become more physically fit. And that will require the kids to engage in activities or sports that will push them and not simply reliant on play.

This winter, I have signed up DS at our city's basketball program. He has been in this program since he was in Grade 1 except for last winter. DH was still completing his fellowship program and there was no way I was hauling my pregnant self and all 4 kids to the gym for their practices and games.

I am also signing up the girls at our local YMCA's soccer program. This will be our first time to try it. Hopefully, it will be a good addition to our schedule. It's going to be a bit of a challenge as they are at different age groups so they will have their games at different days. Sigh. We'll try it this season and see how it goes. If it becomes too much, I will have to find them a sport that they can do all together or at least have classes all on one day. I'd like to look into our local richmond tennis center and see if they have tennis programs for the kids.

As for me, I have just finished day 2 of my moms into fitness dvd program. This was the program I used to get ready for my matron of honor stint last September. It was effective except that once the wedding was done, I stopped too. I probably just gained 2-3 lbs since stopping so it isn't that bad. I want to lose more. I'm using my brother's wedding in July as incentive. I want to look good when I come back to Manila. :) DH also keeps telling me that the big 4-0 is nearing for me. I need to be on top of things in regard to my health to be sure I don't develop diabetes and other diseases.

2012 will be a year of active living. How about yours?