Looking Ahead to Summer

My brother is getting married in the summer. This means that we will be going home to the Philippines. It really isn't a question of whether or not we will go to the wedding. It is more of "how will we get there?"

There isn't going to be a problem with the kids and me. It will be their summer vacation. Even if school was ongoing, we home school so we would have a flexible schedule. It is DH's work schedule that might be a problem. He just started his new job last June. Their current set-up seems to be more compartmentalized. They have Internist Jobs and hospitalists. DH just works at the clinic. He likes his work and his co-workers but the drive is a killer. The challenge isn't the miles he needs to drive but the traffic he encounters each and every day. He leaves the house and gets home at the same times that he used to leave and come home when he was working 12-hour shifts at the hospital. This time though, he spends a lot more on his commute.

He is set to transfer to a nearer facility during the second week of January. While this is an answered prayer, it might put in limbo our vacation plans to the Philippines. He is not sure yet if his request for vacation will be granted. His schedule at this new facility will be a little different. It will not be an 8-5 shift like he has right now.

We are praying hard that we will be able to vacation as a family. If his leave isn't granted, we will have to find a way to travel. There is no way that I will travel alone with all 5 kids! Uh no...I am crazy but not THAT crazy! LOL! Maybe some of the kids could travel with my parents? I dunno. I still really want to travel with DH and the kids.

I am starting to get excited though. This will be our first trip back to the Philippines since 2005! It will be my 2 youngest girls' first time to visit the country I still call home. I'm hoping to stay for at least 3 weeks. The kids are excited too. Here's hoping that all our plans will push through!