12 Months=12 Pictures (The End of 2011)

I did it! Mission accomplished! We had a family picture a month for 12 months. Feels awesome to have completed the project.

When I proposed the project to DH at the end of last year, he was skeptical.
"Hmmm...I dunno...it might be hard to get that done...let's see," was what he said.
Well, we did it! It was nice that he was on board with it. There were a few occasions when he reminded me to ask someone to take our picture to be sure that we had our monthly picture taken.

Here's the last 4 family pictures of the year.

{September} This was taken at the wedding where I stood as matron of honor and DD1 was flower girl. It was a beautiful day! I was so happy to see these 2 people get married. I was happy I looked good in my gown. And I was happy I got through my toast. :)

{October} My birthday month. In my head, I wanted our monthly family picture be a picture taken on my birthday as we celebrated. We did get a picture taken at the restaurant but you know how restaurant photos are...they were not very good. So I was really glad we had this taken during our community's anniversary gathering. We had just arrived and someone was taking photos. DH quickly suggested that I ask him to take a photo using our camera. Thank goodness for DH!

{November} Another trip to Disneyland. Really taking advantage of those annual passes you know! Seems like DH is making it a goal to visit this place at least once a month. The holiday decorations were recently put up so we were there to enjoy them. Our annual passes has block out dates in December so we wanted to visit the park early in the holiday season. We did end up going twice more in December to meet up with some friends who had come down from Northern California. The joys of the annual pass.

{December} Our annual Christmas eve family photo. I hosted our Noche Buena as usual. I was not sure if my in-laws would be coming over. SIL just had her baby and they were still adjusting. BIL and his wife had just started new jobs and he was doing the night shift. And you know how that is. The new guy has the last priority in time-offs. But they were here. And we celebrated as a family. MIL was in Philadelphia though so we did miss her. I served my usual fare: Roast beef, Baked shrimp scampi, green bean casserole, pancit malabon. SIL brought Honeybaked Ham. For dessert, I made leche flan and chocolate pecan pie as requested by my dear son.

It's been awesome to look at the photos and see how my family has grown together. We started the year with just 4 kids. Now we have 5. The kids are growing up oh so quickly. It's amazing to compare DS' height. You will see the big difference between the June and July photos. He is standing next to me in both pictures. He is almost as tall as I am! Not that I am very tall to begin with...but still! My baby boy will soon be taller than I am. I am not sure I'm quite ready for that. :( Can I turn back the gears of our citizen watches or at least make time stop? I am having a glimpse of teenage angst and I do not want to have to deal with that just yet.

So there goes our year. I think I'll continue this project in 2012. Ready, Camera...Smile!