Bath and Body Works

I love bath and body works! I usually stock up on their foaming hand washes and pocket hand gels. We can never have too many of those! I usually buy a whole bunch that will last me until their next big sale.

Of their current holiday scents, we love love sugar plum! We (the kids and I) also love their cranberry hand gel. It's called "Eat Ham". Cute. It's actually on sale right now for $0.75 so it's a real steal. I just might stock up on it and use these bath & body works coupons to even get a better deal. With those prices, I can afford to have each child pick his/her own scent and keep their own hand gel with them. I always have a bottle hanging on our diaper bag. I have another bottle in the car. Then I have my stack in my night stand drawer, lined up, ready to be called into action. LOL! With all these kids, I have to be ready to something to clean up grubby little hands.