Halloween 2011

Does this halloween picture seem familiar to you? It should! It's almost exactly the same as last year's. We did not get new costumes this year. Last year's costumes still fit so we went with those. I really do not like to spend a lot on these things that you only get to wear once, much like Jovani prom dresses that you wear one night and gets shoved to the back of your closet.

Kuya decided not to go trick-or-treating this year. He said that he was too old to go already! Ha! He's really much too serious for his age. The lure of harvesting candy was not that much of a draw for him since I ask the kids to pool their candies together at the end of the night. It is much too much candy for just one child to eat.

When the kids get home after trick-or-treating, they get to choose around 10 pieces of candy or chocolate from their own buckets that they can keep. The rest are poured into a common candy jar to share with the rest of the family. Since Kuya did not go trick-or-treating, he did not get to choose 10 pieces for himself. He was fine with that. There was a lot of candy to go around!

The costumes have been stored back in the closets. The buckets are back in their storage places. the pumpkins have shriveled up and thrown away. But the candy remains. Loads of candy. Candy that will last us till the new year most probably!