But I Am Not Happy!

Conversation between me and DD3 last night after repeatedly reminding her to set the table.

"Why do I have to do this every single day? I'm always doing it!"
"Well, that's your job. We all have a job to do."

This exchange went on for a while until I finally said,
"Do you know that you make God happy when you obey and do your work without complaining? And you make Mama Mary happy, and the angels, St. Michael, St. Angela, St. Anne, etc( I almost did a litany of the saints we had read about)."

"BUT I. AM. NOT. HAPPY!" she exclaimed furiously.

How so very true!

And I can imagine this very exchange happening between God and myself. When I fight against that which I know I must do, I find that I am not happy at all. I do not see the happiness and joy I bring to others by my actions because I am focused on myself. When I do the work before me without complaining, I am able to witness the happiness of others and my heart is transformed.

She eventually finished setting the table with a little help from me. And all was well once more.