Apple Picking

Not the apple tree kind of picking! LOL! DH gifted me with an iPad on my birthday last October. It was a huge surprise for sure. Totally unexpected. I'm a practical gal and this iPad is a real splurge for me.

Initially, DH bought the 32 GB model but a few days later exchanged it for the 64 GB model. I'm really enjoying this gift more than I thought I would. I've found that I am now on it more than my laptop.

My most favorite and current obsession is the app that lets me borrow and read ebooks from the library! I *heart* it so much!

I also like the conference call services available. My bro introduced me to viber so we've been able to make clear overseas calls. He has bought an iPad too so we may be able to do Facetime on Christmas. Looking forward to that! I guess we could do skype too but seems so much more fun! LOL!

What other apps are worth downloading. I really do not mind paying for them as long as I know they are worth it!


Donna | Tuesday, December 27, 2011 4:08:00 PM

love it's one of those things you didn't know you needed until you got it hahaha! i totally want that library app! one app i like is "app shopper", it lets you know which apps have gone down in price or are now free. love it =).