Colonial Farm Life

The kids and I went on a field trip to Riley's Farm once again. This time it was to experience Colonial Farm Life. It was a shorter field trip than our Revolutionary War one. Some of the activities were similar like the games, weaving & blacksmith stations. The kids still enjoyed though. I probably would have enjoyed it better if it were not so cold and wet!

It was so cold that the air from your mouth formed like puffs of smoke from dutch masters cigars. The way up to the farm was so foggy. It was almost zero visibility! Scary to be driving on a narrow mountainous road in those conditions. I am so thankful that God had His angels guarding our way.

Activities that the children participated in included candle dipping, apple grinding, butter churning & an introduction to manners and etiquette. The boys were taught to bow and the girls to curtsy. At the end of the fieldtrip, we were rewarded with a caramel apple. The kids were delighted of course. By this time, the fog had lifted but it was still cloudy and drizzling. We made it back home safe and sound.

We're all looking forward to the next field trip to this place. Gold Rush adventure perhaps?