Curriculum Choices 2011-2012

We continue to home school through a charter school. I do not know how other charter schools operate but we have been very fortunate that ours allow us full control over the materials/curriculum choices we make. Obviously, they will not pay for materials with religious content or from religious publishers but that's ok with us. The funding we get is still quite helpful with school expenses like black ink cartridges. We are allowed to get a maximum of 6 ink cartridges per family per semester. This year, we have been able to get color cartridges too which is awesome as printer ink can get terribly expensive!

We are on week 5 already and I am pleased with the choices I made. They seem to be working for us quite well.

5th: Saxon 6/5
2nd: Math-U-See Alpha & Spectrum Math 1
st: Math-U-See Alpha

Language Arts
5th: Grammar Voyage, Essay Voyage, A World of Poetry, Caesar's English II (all from Royal Fireworks Press), Latina Christiana 1, Spelling Workout Level E
2nd: First Language Lessons level 2, Writing with Ease Level 2 (both form Peace Hill Press), Spelling Workout Level B, MCP Phonics Level B
1st: First Language Lessons Level 1, Writing with Ease Level 1, Spelling Workout Level A, MCP Phonics Level A

5th: NOEO Chemistry 2
1st/2nd: NOEO Chemistry 1

History 1st/2nd/5th: Connecting with History Volumes 1 & 2 (We started volume 1: Ancient History last school year but did not finish it. We started this year where we left off in June and will continue on to volume 2: Middle Ages)

Religion 1st/2nd/5th: They go every Wednesday morning to religion class taught by a Norbertine priest. This is our first year in this class but we have heard nothing but good things from other families who have taken classes from this priest. I'm also supplementing with St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism.

Arts: Meet the Masters, Rosetta Stone:Filipino, Music Appreciation via our homeschool co-op

Preschool - We are following Along the Alphabet Path by Elizabeth Foss and throwing in storybooks from Catholic Mosaic.