New Printer

Loving our new printer!!! Our old HP all-in-one printer is still working. It is at DH's work station where it has always been connected. When we started home schooling, we started to use it more often much to DH's dismay. It is not our use of it per see that annoyed him. It was that we would often mess up his stack of work papers. It could not be helped really. Small work station. Stacks of loose paper. Mom & kids photocopying and printing. Those stacks of paper were bound to be knocked over at one time or the other.

DH's solution? Buy our "school" our very own printer! Thank goodness our "school administrator" is very generous. LOL! And this teacher/principal is very happy with the purchase. He looked at different models - Lexmark X250n, Epson TM-T88V, Brother MFC990. He eventually bought an HP Officejet 6400A Plus. It is a wireless all-in-one printer. You can also print from your smart phone. What I particularly like about it is its ability for double-sided printing! It definitely saves paper when printing a document.

This printer is now conveniently located in our school room. And we are making absolute full use of it!!!