Baby Watch

Two dear ladies in my life are both waiting for their babies to come out any day now. I am so excited for them both. I know exactly how they are feeling right now - on one hand, you just want the pregnancy to be over and hold that baby in your arms; on the other hand, you're nervous about giving birth and wonder if you can do it.

Yes, I've given birth 5 times but I've felt those feelings during each of those five times! LOL! During this last time, I kept asking DH, "I've done this before haven't I? And I was able to do it, wasn't I?" DH was my rock. He was just my super steady hand. Even though he had not worked Obstetrician & Gynecologist Jobs, he still knows his way around. Besides, I think he is just cool, calm and collected anyway. He does not panic. He really is a good companion to have when those labor pains start. :) Anyway, I'm keeping these 2 friends in our prayers every day. I anxiously await news of their deliveries. I'm crossing my fingers that they happen soon!