Baby Milestone: Sitting Independently

She's sitting without support!!! Sigh... I've said it time and again that while I am of course proud of her and happy that she is developing and growing well, my heart is also screaming "not yet!"

Time is moving too fast and I can feel her baby year slipping away. I want to keep her my baby for as long as possible.

When I posted this on Facebook, a friend commented that soon she will be walking! Nooooooo...

Yes, I am in denial. LOL! I'm not sure if I felt this intensely when my older kids were babies. I think that I felt like they came one after the other that I was looking for a break. With this one, I have experienced for myself how quickly children grow up that I want to savor each moment with her as a baby. I may never have another one of these precious littles. Who knows?

Look at the pic. Doesn't it look like she's taunting me? Sticking out her tongues as if saying, "Watch out Mommy. You can't stop this baby!" Before long, she'll be putting on her english riding boots and driving away. LOL.

I will savor each smile, each cry, each giggle, each nursing moment, each cuddle. I will savor every moment.


Aja | Tuesday, September 13, 2011 12:54:00 PM

Joy! That is the cutest photo ever! I can't believe how big she is getting!