Exercising My Way to My Gown

8 months ago, my friend and her boyfriend dropped by the house and shared with me the exciting news - he had just proposed earlier that evening! Oh what a beautiful evening it was! It was even made more special when she asked me to be her matron of honor. What an honor indeed! I was fully pregnant then at 7 months. I had roughly 6 months to lose the baby weight to look pretty decent in a gown.



Last Friday, my dear friend married her one love. It was a beautiful night and I had so much joy and love in my heart for this couple. It was truly an honor to have been part of their big day.

I was happy for her and I was happy for me too! I think I looked pretty good in my gown. I sure would have wanted to have lost some more but this was good enough considering that I really could not restrict my diet too much as I was breastfeeding. No crash diets. No fat burners. Just good ole fashioned hard work. Exercise!

I still want to lose some more weight and exercise is really the key. Right now, the challenge is to be able to get up earlier than usual so I can exercise. I used to exercise mid-morning as Baby napped. Now, that school has begun, I'll have to find another time to exercise. And it looks like early morning is the only time.

Here's hoping I don't fall back and gain the weight I so painfully lost these past several months! Wish me luck!