I Wish You Had 11 Kids...

DD2 came to me the other day and said, "I wish you had 11 kids like the Kramers." I laughed out loud as soon as I heard it.
"Why would you want that?" I asked.
"So we can have lots of playmates and it's fun!"
"If you become a mommy, would you want to have 11 kids?"
"Why not?"
"Because it's hard," she answered with a shy grin.

I think that in a way she has touched on the reality of our lives. Having a bigger family is a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. I'd like to think that the work it takes to raise a bigger family is not necessarily "bad" hard work. It is a challenge but it brings joy to our lives. It is difficult but is filled with grace from our heavenly Father.

It can get overwhelming at times when I think of the practical issues.
How are we ever going to put all the kids through college?
We will need a bigger house soon as the kids are growing up quickly.
Will I be able to home school all of them?
Can I last through all their grade school years at least?
Should we be buying term life insurance beyond the 20 years that we are currently insured?
Can you imagine our car insurance premiums once they hit the driving age?

So many things can clutter my mind if I let it. It can get overwhelming. Then the Lord reminds me that these are His children. He loves them more than I can ever love them. He has a plan for each one. I will need to trust that He will provide for us just as He has provided for me and my family when I was growing up.