This was a trip we took way back in May. The kids were still in school but our co-op classes had already ended. DH had not started work yet. It was a spur-of-the-moment trip.

We left on a Thursday morning, early morning at 1 am! I think we reached the Fresno area at around 6 am. We stopped to refuel: gasoline for the car and Denny's breakfast for the humans.

After about 2 more hours of drive time, we entered the park and went straight to the Mariposa Grove of Sequioa trees. I was excited to do some early morning hiking with the family. It was not going to be any hardcore hiking. We had little kids and a baby but I really wanted to trek into the grove and see the giant trees. Some hikers were equipped with their Gregory Baltoro 65 backpacks. I had my Ergo baby carrier with Baby inside. Unfortunately, the trails were covered in ice. Sigh. We mostly stayed in the paved areas and just had pictures taken. I consoled myself by telling myself that this will give us reason to go back.

From there, we proceeded to Wawona and visited the Pioneer History Center. Then, we headed to the tunnel that leads you to this gorgeous and famous view. We had a picnic lunch here. By this time, we were all getting tired, particularly DH. We still went to see Bridalveil Falls but only I dared to walk up as close to the foot of the falls as I could without getting soaked. We will definitely have to come back here next time armed with ponchos so we can get real close.

So that was our day in Yosemite. Next time, we will definitely have to make this a multi-day trip instead of cramming everything into one day.