3 Things I Currently Enjoy (Food)

Here are 3 things I am currently obsessed with food-wise...

1. Nature Valley Granola Thins - Dark Chocolate

Okay, this is what I've been eating when I want something to satisfy my sweet craving. It hits the sweet spot perfectly for me.

2. Oregon Chai Latte

Pour me a cup of the concentrate and milk on ice. Yummm...

3. Julian's Belgian Waffles

This is an obsession that is yet to be satisfied. I had this when we visited our friends at Turlock. They served it for breakfast. O.M.G! I fell in love with it. They bought it at their local Costco. Unfortunately, it isn't available at our local Costco yet. I've filled out that suggestion form a few times already, asking them to carry it. Nothing yet. I will continue to hound them. Stay tuned!