Free Bowling All Summer Long

A friend at Facebook posted this link for free bowling all summer long in various locations in the US and Canada.
Fortunately, I found one nearby. I've signed up my kids but we have yet to try it out. The bowling alley near me only has the program till August 7. I looked at other places and some have the program available until the first week of September. It isn't often that we are able to find free family entertainment outside the house.
I'm looking forward to going to this especially when kids need a break and something to do on very hot summer days.
Last year, we had the Regal free family movies to go to every Wednesday or Thursday mornings. This year, they've started to charge $1 per person. It's still cheap but it isn't free! I know it's only $5 per trip which isn't too bad at all but the movies they show are out on DVD already and we most likely own them too. We used to go because it's just more fun to watch them on the big screen even if they had seen the movie a gazillion times before.
I;m glad that there are programs like these for families like mine. It is particularly a blessing for bigger families like mine. :)