The Family that Cleans Together...

stays together?

I hope so! LOL!

As the kids get older, I am able to delegate more chores to them. They each have their everyday responsibilities. Kuya takes care of sweeping the floor after meals. Ate is in charge of wiping the tables after meals. DD2 puts away the clean dishes from the dishwasher. DD3 sets the table. Plus, they are all responsible for making their beds and putting away their toys at the end of the day. They do their chores without much whining anymore because they know this to be part of their daily routine now. I think it's also because they're older and have matured a little bit more.

I can also rely on the two older ones to help with cleaning and other household chores. In this picture, they are cleaning the tub and shower in their bathroom. It was initially just Kuya's job but Ate asked to help when she saw what her Kuya was doing. I found it amusing that she thought it would be fun to do. LOL! She soon realized that it was not an easy task, particularly on a warm summer afternoon. A lot of scrubbing was needed because this was not cleaned for a while. They've been doing it in sections. It's almost done now but they might need to use our medical step stools to reach the higher portions. On the other hand, I'll probably do it myself because they might slip or something.

During this summer, we'll be doing a lot of catch-up cleaning. Instead of spring cleaning, we'll have summer cleaning. I don't get to do a lot of thorough deep cleaning during the year when we're doing school. While we're on break this summer is the time to do it! I don't particularly care for it but it is what needs to be done.

I'm glad I've got these kids to help me. They actually not just help with the actual chores but having them around makes it a little bit more fun. The family that cleans together have more fun together!